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FortisTCI National Science and Technology Fair (Project Competition) adopts rules and guidelines from the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Familiarity with the rules is critical for students, parents, teachers, mentors, fair directors and Scientific Review Committees (SRC) and/or Institutional Review Board (IRBC) members. The Review Board reviews and approves project abstracts submitted by participating high school teams to ensure compliance with the requisite forms, safety regulations and research best practices. These forms are included in the project competition information pack for high school teams. Below are additional essential resources. 

National Science Project Competition

The National Science Project Competition is divided into two segments: high school and primary school.

A complete list of rules, guidelines and forms for each level of competition can be downloaded below.


National High School Science Debate

The National High School Science Debate has features of a classical debate but has a unique structure.

An information packet containing the format, judging rubric and sample documents can be downloaded  below.

Debate Topics Download

National Primary School Science Quiz

The National Primary School Science Quiz is a science-themed, buzzer based academic quiz developed by the Ministry of Education.

An information packet containing the format can be downloaded below.


National Science Poster Competition

The National Science Poster competition is divided into two categories: Creative Arts and Graphic Arts.

Open to high school and middle school students.

Judging criteria can be downloaded via the link below.

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