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Four winning schools emerge at FortisTCI National Science and Technology Fair

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands (Wednesday, March 20, 2024) – The 12th FortisTCI National Science and Technology Fair was held at Gustarvus Lightbourne Sports Complex on March 6 and 7, 2024, under the theme, "Sparking Creativity. Unearthing Ideas. Creating Change." The event showcased the innovation, creativity, and intellect of more than 100 students from primary and high schools nationwide who competed in a national science debate, poster, project, and quiz competition during Education Week.


Holy Family Academy emerged as this year's National High School Science Debate champion, scoring 145 points over Maranatha Academy's 142 points in the grand finale debate. The duo argued for and against whether large language models such as ChatGPT do more harm than good. Louise Garland Thomas High School secured third place following their success in the preliminaries and semifinal debate rounds held on February 20-22, 2024, ahead of Education Week. 


The National Science Project competition featured a primary and high school segment. H.J. Robinson High School won with a unique project, transforming dried donkey waste, crushed egg shells, and sea glass into eco-friendly, cost-effective tiles. Holy Family Academy placed second with a Reversed Thermal Insulation project, which converted high-density polyethylene into a thermal insulation prototype to help cool buildings. Holy Family Academy also received the coveted President's Award from FortisTCI President and CEO Ruth Forbes in recognition of their outstanding creativity, innovative thinking, and skillful execution in the scientific pursuit of their project. British West Indies Collegiate secured third place with a project titled 'Solar Energy from Chlorophyll Cells.'


International School of the TCI won the championship title in the National Science Project Competition's primary school segment for the second year. Their winning project was titled, 'Super Sargassum Solution.’ Eliza Simons Primary School secured second place with a 'Colour Power Solar Desalination’ project, followed by Enid Capron Primary School with a research project that investigated the 'Effectiveness of Ecofriendly Pesticides.' 


International School of the TCI also triumphed in the National Primary School Science Quiz, securing the top spot, followed by Eliza Simons Primary School in second place and Holy Family Academy Primary School in third place. 


The National Science Poster Competition promoted the convergence between science and art as students translated this year's science fair theme into a visual masterpiece. Clement Howell High School secured the highest score in the Creative Art Category, followed by British West Indies Collegiate and Raymond Gardiner High School in second and third place, respectively. Maranatha Academy led in the Graphic Art category, followed by Elite High School and Holy Family Academy. 


In her remarks, FortisTCI President and CEO Ruth Forbes stated: "When we began the FortisTCI National Science Fair well over a decade ago, we planted a tree, confident that it would spring up, take root, and spread. The Science Fair has done just that and more. It has created hope in the lives of the hundreds of students who have participated in it over the years. It has allowed them to express their love for scientific pursuits, fueled ambitions, and helped shape many careers. Like a tree, the science fair keeps growing, and we are gratified by the impact it continues to have."





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