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Holy Family Academy wins the 2024 FortisTCI National High School Science Debate.

Holy Family Academy emerged as this year's FortisTCI National High School Science Debate champion, scoring 145 points over Maranatha Academy's 142 points in the grand finale debate that took place on March 6, 2024, at Gustarvus Lightbourne Sports Complex. The duo argued for and against whether large language models such as ChatGPT do more harm than good. The victorious team comprised of Mateo Piwowarczyk, Justin Gomez, and Shamya Clerveaux. Maranatha Academy, represented by Rojaun Guthrie, David Blythe, and Jenique Reid, secured second place. Louise Garland Thomas High School, represented by Reriana Nikes, Jeffca Forbes, and Jhanaiah Forbes, secured third place following their success in the preliminaries and semifinal debate rounds held on February 20-22, 2024, ahead of Education Week.

This year's event lasted four days, with ten schools participating in eight rigorous 60-minute debates on wide-ranging topics. The debates offered students a platform for presenting robust arguments, enduring fierce scrutiny, and effectively countering opponents' stances.

In recognition of their exemplary performance, each member of the winning team from Holy Family Academy was awarded automatic entry into the FortisTCI Student Internship Program, a 10.9" 10th Generation Apple iPad, and an educational grant of $500. The school received a $1,000 donation to its science program. Maranatha Academy's team members were granted $300 in educational awards, a 10.9" 10th Generation Apple iPad, and $500 for their science program.

The High School Science Debate reflects FortisTCI's steadfast commitment to nurturing academic excellence and promoting scientific curiosity in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The FortisTCI National High School Science Debate continues to be a pivotal event in the wider FortisTCI National Science and Technology Fair, reaffirming the company's dedication to cultivating the next wave of scientific pioneers and innovators.



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