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FortisTCI National Science and Technology Fair

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

The FortisTCI National Science & Technology Fair is one of the company’s largest and longest running sponsored events. Launched in 2009, the fair is held in conjunction with the Department of Education, and brings together some of the country’s brightest and most creative young minds.

Each year, nearly 200 primary and high school students from around the islands compete for the coveted prize of overall Science Fair winner. These young scientist present scientific projects, compete in a science quiz and a take part in a graphic and creative art poster competition, allowing them to explore and showcase their scientific and creative abilities.

FortisTCI believes in the importance of education and this sponsorship is part of a long-term commitment to fostering interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) among students of the Turks and Caicos Islands.


High School

Primary School

1st place: H.J. Robinson High School

1st place: Providence International Academy

2nd place: Holy Family Academy (High)

2nd place International School of the TCI

3rd place: Champions for Christ International School

3rd place: Eliza Simons Primary School

President's Award: Holy Family Academy (High)


High School

Primary School

1st place: Clement Howell High - 'Glasstastic Building Solutions'

1st place:

2nd place (tie): Holy Family Academy (High) - 'Helio Tropic Plane'

2nd place: Eliza Simons Primary School - 'Chocolate Cooler'

2nd place (tie):

3rd place: Providence International Academy - 'Are Sugars in Fruit and Honey the Same as Table Sugars?'


High School

Primary School

1st place: Holy Family Academy (High) - '3-D printing'

1st place: Providenciales Primary School - 'Which Fruit has the Most Vitamin C?'

2nd place: TCIPS Comprehensive (High) - 'Waste Management'

2nd place: Iris Stubbs Primary School - 'Salt Water Electrical Circuit'

3rd place: British West Indies Collegiate - 'The Efficient Conversion of Hydrogen Power'

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